We help you with the right material and dimension to develop and improve the final product

Question AnVa Tubes & Components about a dimension, together with our customers and partners, we build up the stock in the size and standard as requested.

The time when a wholesaler alone was associated with the storage and delivery of the entire lengths are long past. The requirements have increased over the years and today we are a link in your supply of materials.

Our suppliers are in Sweden and elsewhere in Europe. In Eskilstuna, we have a wide inventory of hollow, hollow sections, cold drawn tubes, hot rolled and processed bars.

When together we build a product we see obviously that add specialty stock in our warehouse so that you can easily and quickly get delivery. Alternatively, we produce finished products to you.

Through a wide network of steel, pipe and castings manufacturer, we can according to your special requirements and wishes to offer everything from whole or cut lengths of steel, pipes and castings to finished machined components.


  • Hot rolled tubes: According to the SS & EN standard.
  • Cold drawn precisionsteeltubes: According to the SS & EN standard.
  • Casting: According to the SS & EN standard.
  • Welded steeltubes: According to the SS & EN standard.
  • Stainless: According to the SS & EN standard.

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